uganda coffee brands

Uganda coffee Brands

Uganda coffee brands: Speaking of coffee, Uganda is the seconds largest producer of coffee in Africa next the Ethiopia.  Uganda also tops as the top producer of Robusta coffee variety in African, amounting to approximately 80 percent of production and exports.

 To ensure  that there is awell balanced distribution of coffee in Uganda and  outside  uganda, there several key players whose role keep on  getting better in the  production and processing of coffee in uganda.

Below are some of the top   coffee brands in Uganda.

  • African Coffee blends company
  • Start coffee
  • Kyagalany
  • Great lakes coffee company
  • Good African coffee company.
  • Masaba coffee.
  • Coffee millers ltd
  • Banyankole kweterana.
  • Busiro coffee and produce ltd.
  • Bugisu corporative union.
  • Cargill ltd.
  • Busingye company ltd.
  • Zigoti coffee.
  • Kawacom ltd
  • Lake land holding ltd.
  • Ibero uganda ltd.
  • Uganda crane coffee limited.
  • Job coffee ltd
  • Olam Uganda ltd.

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